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November 17 2017

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Europe is home to the Greek Parthenon in Athens, the Roman Colosseum in Rome, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and many, many more architectural masterpieces. You know what it’s lacking, though? An underwater restaurant. But a company called Snøhetta is on a quest to change that. They have designed a three-level structure with a 36-foot-wide panoramic window that allows visitors to “journey” to the sea in southern Norway.

At first glance, “Under” looks like a concrete container, tossed into the shallows near the village Båly, but once inside it radiates life. The restaurant will have the space to fit up to 100 guests, and the building will even double as a marine research centre when no one is dining. (Source)

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Photo art inspired by “Hades & Persephone”, an illustration by Sandara <3

Models: Valentin van Porcelain, Kupferfuchs
Photo/Edit: Natalia LeFay Art
Outfits: Punkrave, Fireflypath, Tinkercast

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The stunning @lusylogan in her dark pines tank 💀💀💀

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New Orleans, Louisiana

you will lose your soul here


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Hoje estou compartilhando aqui algo diferente!!! É uma história linda desta princesa maravilhosa que acabei de conhecer sua história pelo Instagram! Agora são 1:39 hs da manhã e chorei rios de lágrimas com a história da @almeidanara
Eu fiquei tão emocionada e tocada pela história desta menina, li todos os posts dela desde o dia 08 de agosto, quando ela descobriu que estava com câncer!
Me tocou demais suas palavras e trajetória então creio que Deus deu a ela esta missão de transmitir o verdadeiro valor da vida para as pessoas!
Por este motivo estou compartilhando aqui para que mais e mais pessoas possam ser tocadas!
Eu desejo que vc se recupere logo desta doença, que levou a vida da minha mãe um dia @almeidanara , mesmo se sua recuperação não for neste plano astral, vc será curada e estara entre anjos e trilhando uma vida linda do jeitinho que vc merece!
Já amo vc sem conhecer e digo que mudou minha vida hj !
Desejo que sua recuperação seja breve e com o menor sofrimento possível!
#cancer #vencendocancer

Today I am sharing something different here !!! It’s a beautiful story of this wonderful princess that I just got to know her story on Instagram! It’s now 1:39 a.m. in the morning and I cried rivers of tears with @almeidanara’s story.
I was so moved and touched by the story of this girl, I read all her posts since August 8, when she discovered that she had cancer!
It touched me too much your words and trajectory so I believe that God gave her this mission to convey the true value of life to people!
For this reason I am sharing here so that more and more people can be touched!
I wish you to recover soon from this disease, which took my mother’s life one day @ almeidanara, even if your recovery is not in this astral plane, you will be cured and will be among angels and walking a beautiful life the way you deserve!
I love you without knowing and I say that changed my life hj!
I hope your recovery will be short and suffering as little as possible!
@ almeidanara
#cancer #vencendocancer

November 16 2017

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Gorgeous Handmade Gothic Dresses by LaFemmeenNoirCo

x / x
x / x 
x / x

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Hotel Bermuda by jaredkay1 http://ift.tt/1oTWicj

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Hyperion - moon of Saturn

Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

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Beneath by Jorge_Maia

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